About Us

Create sensation by designing and making your own apparel, home décor, and unique gift items.  You will be the envy of your friends and family.  Be prepared to have them ask you to make one for them.  Be prepared to be in demand.

Sew ‘n Design Studios have individual sewing stations fully equipped with sewing machines, cutting mats, rulers, and all the necessary tools.  There are also several ironing stations and dress forms in a variety of sizes.  Student may bring their own sewing machine if proficient in the machine’s use.    If a student doesn’t know how to use their machine, we recommend enrolling in Open Studio where we can provide individual instruction.

The designers and instructors of Sew ‘n Design all share a passion and desire to teach others.  Each has their specialty and collectively we offer a host of artistic skills that is hard to find in one place.  You can be assured of finding top notch expertise and quality workmanship.

Sew ‘n Design Mission Statement